After having a baby, my husband and I decided to have Nichola come to our house for an energy clearing. We wanted to increase the positive energy and creative strength of our space, but we got so much more than that. Nichola has a connection with the universe that goes very deep, and her sense of a space and its inhabitants is incredible and genuine. She captured glimpses of all of our spirits in each room of our house, and provided us with insights into our son to help him grow and thrive in his environment. She reassured us that a gorgeous, tall palm tree in our backyard was our guardian and I've found a new sense of peace and comfort in our home just knowing that we are protected. She offered us some design and arrangement advice to help increase the energy flow through our "railroad" style apartment, and the air has never felt clearer or cleaner. She was delicate with sensitive information she discovered as our space reached out to her, and her compassion to help showed through at every moment. Not only did she create uplifting energy in our space, my whole family felt energized by the experience. Not only would I recommend her, I would urge everyone to give themselves the gift of Nichola's talent. We spend so much time in our homes, and we deserve for them to be a safe, positive and inspiring environment and this is exactly what Nichola can do for you and for your space.

~ Stacy B. (San Francisco, CA)

All places have a "feel" and the feeling vs. design of a place matters more than people might think. Very new to this process, we did not know what to expect other than "it's done" and taking Nichola's word for it.

Instead, we received an invaluable verbal and written rundown of what Nichola discovered during her thorough room-by-room breakdown (including certain objects that stood out to her), along with suggestions we can do to maintain our now healthier and happier home.

Nichola tunes into the feeling of a home, using her natural sensitivity and intuitive talent of clearing rooms, objects and general areas of stuck, negative and heavy feeling.

~ Heather H. (San Francisco, CA)

I have experienced uncommon energy, ambition and a lift to my spirit since the space clearing Nichola performed from a distance. I wasn’t very familiar with the concept of space clearing, and was especially dubious about distance clearing; I live several states away. However, I entered the experience with an open mind. Now I’m even enjoying better sleep. I’ve been an insomniac for about twenty years.

We moved into our home almost four years ago. In that time I’ve had three surgeries and several serious injuries. If negative energy wasn’t already here, this home has certainly been a Petri dish for it since our arrival.

I have come to believe that every home could benefit from the clearing of negativity in whatever form it takes.

~ Debra G. (Des Moines, IA)

Nichola. Thank you again for sending the write up of the messages you received during the clearing. I've read and reread it several times. You have such a gift, and have opened my eyes. Even the past few days, I've been kinder in my relationship and have felt more love for my daughter than before. I feel like it's the jolt I needed to get my life and this family together to create the home that I've always wanted. I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed, and the clearing along with your intuitive feedback has given me renewed energy to move forward. Also, thank you for the tips - I've talked to my partner about trying to get at least our main living space organized and we will try and have more fun! And dance!! Much love to you.

~ Priscilla C. (San Francisco, CA)

We asked Nichola to come into our home for an energetic space clearing. I'd never had this done before and didn't know what to expect but just had a good feeling about it. What we received was amazing - trusting my gut on this was definitely a good decision! Nichola has special gifts and was able to see things we could not. She helped every member of the family to feel more confident and secure. She moved energy around in our home that was in desperate need, that we did not even realize was there. I felt fine before, nothing to complain about, but now I feel much more energized and have the motivation and desire to take things to the next level in and around the house. There are so many possibilities in creating and maintaining a home, Nichola is able to help you see what the best next steps are for your home and your soul. Her insight is unique, and powerful. Highly recommended. I'll definitely be asking her to come again year after year.

~ Jennifer A. (San Francisco, CA)

Nichola helped us with our dental office remodeling. Our office used to be very hospital looking and dry. Our patients were looking frightened in the lobby, as they were waiting for their names to be called.

Nichola picked the colors, light fixtures, wall papers, furniture, art work and she supervised the process, from purchasing to installation. It has been an incredible experience. From the first week we moved back to the office, our new patients have doubled and then tripled. Our patients look very happy and relaxed. We get a lot of comments on how relaxing and harmonious the environment is and how they love coming back. We feel Nichola listened to us and she designed the space that matches our vision and philosophy. It's so easy to work with Nichola and I can’t wait for my next project with her.

~ M. Hakim (San Francisco, CA)

For 11 years I have lived in a beautiful Nob Hill apartment in San Francisco. As a designer I tried for many years on my own to make it a space I loved and was happy to call my home. What I lacked in inspiration and decisiveness, Nichola made up for in vision, creativity, and a deep sense of attunement to who I was . She helped me gain clarity around what I really wanted. She helped me create a home and work space that was a reflection and expression of me and all the things I loved. Nichola seamlessly integrated my love for travel, nature, art and color into her design ideas and the final product is a home that inspires me, relaxes me and makes me smile every time I walk in the door. At the end of the design process Nichola did a clearing which brought everything together. Within just a few days I felt clearer and more productive and I felt a lifting of old energy, an amazing lightness, which made my newly designed space truly enjoyable to live, work and relax in. After all these years of living in an apartment that I always liked, I finally have a home I truly love. Thank you, Nichola!

~ Caroline W. (San Francisco, CA)

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