Working with her Angelic guides, Nichola utilizes their powerful guidance along with her clients’ intentions to clear any negative imprints or entities, then ceremonially blesses each space to help her clients live with more freedom, abundance and harmony. The messages she receives during each clearing supports the well-being of each client and their surroundings, while her sought-after approach allows clients to feel at home, relaxed, and inspired by the new space that has been created.

When used in concert with interior design, energetic space clearing enriches the world of esthetics by weaving together an ideal space that further elevates the harmony of the home or office and the individuals. Through photographs and a home address, Nichola is also able to perform remote clearings as effectively as in-person, since energy itself is not limited by time or distance.


Energetic space clearing is the art of lifting the vibration of a room, home or office to increase harmony and flow by removing negative, stagnant energy or entities. Like a pebble tossed into a pond of water, energetic imprints throughout time ripple out into all areas including the walls, ceiling, furniture and its grounds, affecting the quality of life of those cohabitating in that space. These imprints often have negative effects on relationships, draining creative inspiration and leaving one with a feeling of being stuck.

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